Saturday, January 30, 2016

I Have a Dream That Everyone's a Winner (Part 2)

Next, let's look at Mark Ruffalo's response. If there are any Hulk fans out there, you may want to check your fanboy blinders at the door. This one's gonna get a little heated.

“I woke up in the morning thinking, ‘what is the right way to do this?’ Because if you look at Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, what he was saying is the good people who don’t act are much worse than the wrongdoers who are purposely not acting and don’t know the right way.”

Funny you should mention MLK, Mr. Ruffalo. Did you know he also said people should not be judged by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character? Seems to me like you missed that part of his message. 
And in the case of the Oscars, isn't it better to judge an actor's performance rather then whether or not they fit into the "insert minority group here" checklist? Seems to me that this obsession with diversity for the sake of diversity is rather anti-meritocratic, don't you think?

A lot of this recent obsession with diversity, in my personal opinion, comes from an all too familiar concept that many people (millennials especially) seem to be rather reluctant to let go of. The idea that everyone's a winner, and there are no losers. "Blue ribbons and participation trophies for everyone!" as some would say. Not only is this concept inherently flawed and detrimental to society at large, but when applied to something as prestigious as say the Oscars, it essentially renders the meritocratic nature of the awards completely meaningless. Turning the Oscar into nothing more then the adult equivalent of a participation trophy.

This regressive mindset that we should pass around awards simply on the basis of skin color rather then merit, which is something I feel the Oscars SHOULD be about, is incredibly abhorrent. And those who continue to perpetuate this mindset, are pseudo-intellectual simpletons with nary a firm grasp on reality.

To appropriate a quote from the Washington Post, "According to Jean M. Twenge, the “everyone is a winner” mentality does not build true self-esteem; instead, it “builds this empty sense of ‘I’m just fantastic, not because I did anything, but just because I’m here.”

And then we get... this.

“It isn’t just the Academy Awards,” Ruffalo said. “The entire American system is rife with white privilege racism. It goes into our justice system.”

Oh... You're really going there, huh? You just had to go and pull that tired old regressive left trope didn't you? I mean, nothing says "equality" like generalizing an entire sect of people simply because the have the wrong skin color. Course if it's blacks who get generalized, you obnoxiously cry out "RACISM!" But when it's done to whites, well that's just called progressive liberalism.

If you're someone who believes in the words of MLK, like any true proponent of equality would, while simultaneously espousing this dogmatic "white privilege" bullshit, it is your imperative to find the shortest cliff within your immediate proximity and kindly take a long walk off said cliff. Doing so otherwise is to miss the entire point of MLK's beliefs. And only goes to cause further division between the races. Something of which you chuckleheads seem to excel at.

Do not think for one fleeting moment that MLK would buy into this horse cock of yours. Because by espousing the words of a remarkable man who stood for the equality of all, while also claiming that “The entire American system is rife with white privilege racism", is to commit complete and utter self-sabotage of whatever political message you were attempting to convey. You wanna be a true spokesman for equality? Consider not alienating the majority populace of this country like the regressive shitbag that you are.

But let's look at this "white privilege" pablum a bit more closely shall we? As mentioned in Part 1, the idea of "white privilege" is that white people (or more accurately Caucasians) are born with inherent privileges, power, and other advantages in life as opposed to those from a minority group. However, the most insidious aspect of this outright ad-hominem based myth, is that you can't be racist towards those who just so happen to be white. Only minorities can be the victims of racism.

And again, despite the fact that the term racism isn't defined as a one-way street, and that you absolutely CAN be racist towards white people as much as any other race, people like Mark Kerfufflo, Franchesca Ramsey (the pseudo-intellectual harpy from MTV Decoded), and practically every single Social Justice Jackoff out there, have taken to using the concept of "white privilege" as a way to shut out opposing views. Especially if said views come from someone who's Caucasian.

It's essentially a free pass to justify their thinly veiled bigotry against white people.

The truth of the matter is, the concept of "white privilege" is inherently racist in and of itself. It's essentially become the go-to trump card to silence dissenting opinions. Shutting down discussion and the exchange of ideas indefinitely. This notion that white people inherently have it made in life is absurd. How can we come together as a society if we're constantly shutting out an entire sect of people because of some arbitrary characteristics they had no control over? Does this not go against EVERYTHING Martin Luther King stood for?

If you really want to know more about the concept of "white privilege", I would recommend checking out Lauren Southern's video on the subject over at Rebel Media's YouTube channel. But if you want my honest opinion on the subject; aside from what I've already espoused here on this article, my idea of privilege, regardless of whatever race benefits from it, is more down to class or financial status. Speaking as someone from a lower class family, when you're raised in an environment that instills in you the idea that the only way you can move up in the world is through hard work and perseverance, you tend to appreciate the more down to earth aspects of life in general.

In short Mr. Ruffalo: You're not an activist. You're a pompous, self-righteous, financially privileged, moral arbiting, slackivist white guilt ridden jerkoff with an agenda to push. Take your self-righteous, moral aggrandizing, holier-than-thou attitude, and blow it out your purple shorts wearing ass.

Oh and by the way, Edward Norton was a far better Bruce Banner.

To be concluded in Part 3...