Friday, October 23, 2015

Jedi Mind Tricks and Willful Idiots

For every smart guy that wises up to an obvious Troll operation, there's a dime a dozen chuckleheads that remain in blissful ignorance of the fact that they've been duped. To what do I refer you anxiously inquire? Well allow me to elaborate:

On the day of the highly anticipated release of the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, the entire Internet was taken aback by a little hashtag on Twitter entitled ‪#‎BoycottStarWarsVII‬. A hashtag that, according to the neo-progressive chuckleheads of the online media news outlets, was allegedly started by them damn dirty white people because the new Star Wars movie has too many diverse characters in it. 
So like what, 1 black guy playing a Stormtrooper was enough to get all the white supremacists of the Internet in a frizzy? Did they just forget about the other black actors that were in the previous films? I don't seem to remember any outrage of those guys. I mean damn, talk about selective racism, am I right?

But yeah, those damn dirty white people and their racist behavior. Surely those white people must be so racist towards people of color that they literally just go to sleep at night dreaming of oppressing all the ethnic minorities beneath them cause they're just oh so superior. How dare they be so racist and offensive! Oh I'm so triggered right now.

In case you were unable to tell by the blatant use of sarcasm, the whole thing was basically just one great big ridiculous joke right from the start. Not because the usual suspects were out getting their panties in a twist because something racist on the Internet offended them, but because the whole thing was a literal joke. A joke that everyone (myself included) fell for in the most spectacular fashion possible. This is why the Joker always says that "You always takes shots at folks who just don't get the joke!" And in this case, that's exactly what the masterminds behind all this faux-outrage did. They knew we wouldn't get the joke, and thus they took advantage of it. Brilliantly diabolical I should say.

4Chan, the infamous website that's earned the ire and admiration of many an Internet user, was the one behind the #‎BoycottStarWarsVII‬ hashtag. Taking a hotly controversial subject (that of course being racial diversity), and turning it into an online hoax that set the web on fire. Everyone from the feminist propaganda mill TheMarySue, to the extreme leftist hacks over at, and surprisingly enough even Armin of the ComicBookCast himself, had all fallen for this obvious hoax. All of whom had taken to their soapboxes espousing that the people behind this hashtag were just ignorant racists afraid of change, all while being none the wiser that they were being played like puppets.

Now we can debate whether or not there was some actual racist intent behind the hashtag all the live long day, and I'm not necessarily denying the possibility of a few actual racists using this hashtag in an unironic context, but that's not my main concern with all this. No, what really concerns me about all this, is that not one of aforementioned pundits even bothered to do a modicum of research in order to learn that this was in fact a Troll operation right from the start. Instead they allow themselves to be so easily fooled. Anyone with a decent search engine and like 10 minutes of research could easily discern for themselves that this was all just yet another obvious set-up by 4Chan. I mean if you're going to make it your solemn duty to report the news to Regular Joes like myself, may I humbly suggest the fanatical opinion that if you can't manage to do a minimum of at least 10-15 minutes of research on a topic of which you intend to cover, don't bother covering said topic while looking like a willfully ignorant pissant?

And this isn't even the first time this sort of thing has happened. Just earlier this year we had the "boycott" of Mad Max: Fury Road, a case in where MRAs (Mens Rights Advocates) were allegedly boycotting the film simply because they believed that it was feminist propaganda. However, as we later discovered, the website (Return of Kings) that had originally proposed this boycott was in fact not an MRA affiliated website. Of course that didn't stop the feminists from just lumping it in with MRAs anyway, all while predictably screaming at the top of their lungs about how MRAs and men in general are so misogynistic towards women and so on and so forth. And this was despite the fact that no MRAs were even boycotting the film to begin with. Needless to say, much like this current boycott, it was an utter farce. A hoax designed to stir up controversy and increase site traffic.

This is the kind of nonsense that needs to be called out for what it is. Just another instance of more willfully ignorant idiots buying into the faux-outrage, believing that everything's racist, everything's sexist, everything's offensive, and those who don't side with them are on (what they claim to be as) the wrong side of history.

Of course I'm far from the only one who's taken to calling out these morons for being such easily fooled yucks. I for one commend guys like MundaneMatt, TheRalphRetort, and Todd Wohling over at for being among the few folks out there who can tell the difference between actual acts of racism and obvious 4Chan Trolling. In this day and age we NEED more people like them.

This particular event is just yet another example of the sad state of modern journalism. In an age of infinite information at our very fingertips, it's no wonder why many of these commentators simply choose the lazy route over the less instantaneous one. Things like research, facts, and evidence aren't what's considered important in today's society. Better to focus on pushing narratives and agendas to the blind sheep of the Internet rather then discerning to your audiences the details of what actually happened. Because that'd be the smart thing to do I suppose.

Now I don't intend for this whole rant to come off as me playing the moral arbiter here, as far as I'm concerned these cocktwads can continue stewing in their own blind stupidity for all I care. However in a perfect world, these people would realize how monumentally gullible they all were and would report this fact to their audiences. But this isn't a perfect world, no far from it in fact. If it were, people would realize that the expression "Don't feed the Trolls" holds more truth to it then they care to admit. By continuing this espousal of misinformation, you essentially give the Trolls exactly what they wanted. That being the attention this type of faux-outrage will garner. Sparking controversy such as this is precisely what they thrive on. If the media continues drumming up this hashtag as an actual example of racism on the Internet, then the misinformation will continue to spread. And the Trolls will just sit back and laugh at how monumentally gullible we all are.

I have no doubt that the folks over at 4Chan are reveling in this little victory of theirs, and I wouldn't necessarily blame them. By all accounts this was a successful Troll operation. As diabolical as it was (dare I say) brilliant.

And I'm perfectly willing to admit to being fooled by this hashtag at first, much to my own dismay I took the bait hook, line, and sinker as did so many others. So to all you chaos loving mad geniuses over at 4Chan, I'd just like to say that... you got me. Yeah, you got me 4Chan. You got me and dozens of other chumps to fall for this little hoax of yours. And for that, I'd like to commend you for such well played trickery. I know when I'm beat.

Well played you magnificent bastards. Well played indeed.