Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to Avoid Stepping on a LEGO Brick: A Comprehensive Guide

Stepping on a LEGO brick can always be quite troublesome, as well as excruciatingly painful. One day you’re busily preoccupied building a model out of LEGO, all while in blissful anticipation in completing the project. Unfortunately however, the very next day you soon discover  to your dismay that you neglected to make sure you picked up all the pieces left behind after your previous build, which in turn results in you carelessly landing you foot upon one of those pieces. Which in turn can also result in the cursing of the name of however many deities that currently exist today.

So in order to better prepare yourself, and most importantly of all your foot for the next LEGO brick encounter, here is a comprehensive guide in how to successfully avoid stepping on a LEGO brick:

Step 1: After you've completed your latest build, make absolutely certain to painstakingly locate every last piece, then return said pieces to the designated container.

Step 2: If your pieces are scattered atop a table or desk, this may make your search a bit easier. However you’ll still want to check the beneath the table or desk just in case any of those fiendish little bricks decides to cleverly conceal themselves upon the floor, awaiting the imminent arrival of your foot.

Step 3: Check your person for any miscellaneous pieces that might have mysteriously stowed themselves away in your pockets. These clever little buggers may attempt their attack at any given moment of your daily life should they fall from your person and onto the floor.

Step 4: Once you've completed following Steps 1-3, repeat those steps at least three to four times. By doing this, you’ll be insuring that you've successfully managed to put away all the LEGO pieces that you took out. Thus eliminating all possibilities of you stepping on a LEGO brick.

Step 5: Write a list of steps in how others can avoid stepping on a LEGO brick, then share the list with your friends. Doing this will raise awareness towards the ongoing epidemic of people stepping on LEGO bricks. You can also accomplish this by starting a pointless hashtag on social media. This in and of itself is quite simple, as it requires little to no effort whatsoever. Why take part in a cause and get your hands dirty when you can easily do so from the comfort of your own home?

All this will further aid in the prevention of others from experiencing the horrendous pain that comes from stepping on a LEGO brick.

Now if you have followed all the steps above, then congratulations. For you have successfully prevented any possible catastrophe involving yourself, and others from stepping on a LEGO brick. If you, or someone you know has stepped on a LEGO brick, or has been traumatized by the very fear of it happening again, then please do follow this comprehensive guide in how to avoid stepping on a LEGO brick.

Believe me, your feet will thank you. However if you have already followed this list and yet somehow still managed to step on a LEGO brick, then our sincerest apologies, this list just isn't for you.

Have a wonderful day.

Special thanks to Potates-Chan for the commissioned image used for this post. You're awesome. :)