Sunday, December 21, 2014

Zak Attack's Thoughts on the New Bionicle Animated Shorts

Okay, so I got a few seconds to sit down and watch all the current animated shorts on the new official Bionicle website. And honestly... I kinda like them.

The animation isn't too bad, it kinda grew on me after watching it a few times. And honestly with all the CGI around nowadays, I think a cartoon animated Bionicle is breath of fresh air.

The new narrator is actually not a bad choice, and he does a pretty decent job. However the only downside though is one thing my friend Ultimate Z-Man brought up to me once is the fact the narrator not only voices all of the characters present in the shorts, but also voices Gali, who for those of you who are unaware is a female character. Okay so that's not entirely a great thing, I mean it does sound kinda weird hearing a guy voicing a female character. And yeah I would like it if there were more voice actors involved aside from just the narrator, but I'm willing to let it slide for now.

Hell if Bionicle gains enough popularity in the public (which is a given cause it's flippin' Bionicle), maybe LEGO will team up with Warner Bros and Cartoon Network for a new TV series or even a movie. Though I personally would stick to a cartoon animation rather than CGI. Unless of course it's CGI like that of the Transformers War for Cybertron game or Tron Uprising series.

The overall style and tone of the shorts is also pretty good. I like what the story is going for. It's a fresh new take on the iconic first generation story arc, with a few differences here and there. Namely with the island itself being called Okoto as opposed to Mata-Nui. The Turaga (or at least I think it's the Turaga, I mean they do have this Turaga-like appearance to them) being called the Protectors now. Mata-Nui himself being called Ekimu instead of Mata-Nui. And the new villain of the the reboot being the newly titled Skull Spiders. Okay they're basically the infected masks from 2001 and the Visorak from 2005 combined into one. Which is fine, and I'm okay with that. I fully expect the folks over at LEGO to pick and choose specific elements from the previous storylines to incorporate into the reboot. I only ask that they try and keep it consistent and not to over simplify things, all while appealing to fans new and old to the franchise.

Some have speculated that this is in fact not a reboot, but rather a continuation of the last storyline from the series climax during early 2010. And yeah I've heard some of the theories, most of which sound pretty plausible in their own right, but like is said in my previous Bionicle post, I think this generation of Bionicle (Bionicle G2 if you will) would do better if it was a complete reboot. The original run's story ended on a nice and hopeful note (go look up Bionicle: Journey's End by Greg Farshtey), and personally I think it's best if it be left that way. But whether or not this is a reboot or a continuation doesn't really matter in the end, I'm just glad to have Bionicle back once again.

And lastly, at some point I'd like the classic Unity, Duty, and Destiny symbol to make a comeback. No reason, I just really love that symbol.

If you want to see the shorts for yourself, click the attached picture above to check out the shorts, as well as the rest of the new website.