Friday, November 21, 2014

Obligatory Promotion Time!: Bluest Ayemel

Now some may have noticed the shiny new Zac B. Studios logo on the blog/webpage. Where did I get it? Well a magical unicorn gave it to me.


Okay that was a lie.

Actually the new logo is courtesy of Bluest Ayemel, an artist/friend of mine from over on the amazing yet more often then not strange place called DeviantArt. Recently she's been helping me out with some art related stuff that I've commissioned for channel. Stuff of which I plan on using for some undisclosed projects that are still in development.

Here's a few examples of some of her work.

By the way, that last picture was of me. Don't I look like a cartoon character? Anywho, this whole post is essentially promoting her DeviantArt page, because it is awesome. So go show your support ya little nose whiping whelps!

If you're still here after I just insulted you for no reason whatsoever, then once again, go forth and check out Bluest Ayemel's DeviantArt page and see what sort of amazing things she doth bringeth into the world!