Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zak Attack's Thoughts on The Flash (2014) Pilot

I'm just gonna come right out and say it, I hate waiting. Patience is a virtue, but clearly I don't have it. So when word got out on the web about the upcoming superhero TV series The Flash's pilot episode being leaked on the web, I essentially pounced on the chance to watch it ahead of everyone else. And boy was I not disappointed!

Now before I get into this I'd like to get this out of the way. I haven't read any Flash comics growing up, at all. Basically the only comics I read currently is Spider-Man. However a good portion of the DC characters I know and love came from the Bruce Timm and Paul Dini cartoons such as Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and so on. So obviously I know who the Flash is.

I actually loved this pilot. It really did exceeded my expectations, and considering that this is a CW show, that's saying something. I was actually pretty impressed of what they could pull off in terms of special effects. Everything they did with the Flash here was just pure awesome. Grant Gustin's another surprise that I didn't expect. At first I was a bit worried that the folks over at the CW would just use him as eye candy for the female audience watching this show (there is one scene with him shirtless that I can recall), but thankfully that's not the case. I mean sure they do pull some typical CW-ish stuff, like there's some sorta love triangle between Barry Allen, this girl, and another guy (I leave there names out cause I'm lazy, sue me). But thankfully there's not that much that it distracted me from the rest of the show. Grant did a fantastic job as Barry Allen/Flash in this show, and when he's in the suit, he looks like the Flash. The rest of the cast, also good.

Of course since it's a pilot, some things are bound to change before the official debut on October 7th 2014 (which coincidentally is my birthday, so I guess this would count as my present so to speak). But nonetheless, it's everything I wanted out of a superhero show, and I loved it. Now I officially have another comic book aside from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.